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I know what you're thinking - you're looking at all these little blurbs, neatly separated, each with a name and a homepage URL and a (hopefully) witty comment, and you're thinking "uh-oh... this looks suspiciously like a guestbook."  Hey, got it in one, genius!  But as long as you're here, why not go ahead and sign it?  Because some retarded spammer actually took the time to write a bot to spam this thing over 1,000 times in the space of ten minutes, so I disabled new signatures. Thanks anyway.


entry 784 :  13 March 2005 - 20:10:35
   name:  The guy from Hootie and the Blowfish loves tendercrisp bacon chedder ranch sandwiches.  posting from:  So-Cal   
homepage:  Official Hootie Fanpage  ip:
Hey Jimbo, you cut me out of your comments. You should let me comment again and then I could put a witty yet interesting comment after each one of your posts. Or I could just be a little bit high.
entry 783 :  28 October 2004 - 00:31:35
   name:  joey  posting from:  pittsburgh, pennsylvania   
homepage:  blizoop  ip:
awesome site. i adore it. no really, i totally dig it mannn.
entry 782 :  24 October 2004 - 00:48:25
   name:  TB  posting from:  All You're Base.   
homepage:  www.geocities.com/beef_jerky_hunter/awebsite.html  ip:
You're website is such a better, deeper website than mine that it makes me want to be lazy to a slightly lesser degree.

And that's not easy. So I won't...

Anyway, nice links, picture in the corner, kittys, general humor, etc...

entry 781 :  09 September 2004 - 11:45:24
   name:  Katia  posting from:  Skipping over daisies.   
homepage:    ip:
Dear Jimbo,
I'm so glad to have read some of this place- it's great stuff, and the links posted are 74% super, by my count. I was shown here by my boyfriend, who's a regular visitor- Zornog. I like particularly the ever-changing picture at the top left of the front page. Though how you could do that to Kermit escapes my pure mind and pains my spotless soul. (Insert fun emoticon of bull-shitedness here) Thanks again!
In blissful expectation of more online fun,
Katia (KAY-tee-yah or KAHT-yah)
entry 780 :  08 September 2004 - 07:05:30
   name:  siwei  posting from:  bkoso   
homepage:  www.yujs.com  ip:
good site.
entry 779 :  16 July 2004 - 14:38:22
   name:  FRANKYBFC  posting from:  BERLIN   
Durch Zufall bin ich hier auf dieser Seite gelandet und bin wirklich begeistert. Dabei habe ich laengst nicht alles gesehen. Aber was ich sah, gefaellt mir ausnahmslos. Ein dickes Lob an den Webmaster! Weiter so...
gut gedacht, gut gemacht, weiter so!




Klick mich www.FRANKYBFC.de
entry 778 :  13 July 2004 - 09:39:14
   name:  AussieWebGuy  posting from:  Australia   
homepage:  http://www.asciibabes.com  ip:
cool site. keep up the good work.
entry 777 :  28 June 2004 - 12:19:13
   name:  Charly VB  posting from:  Among the foggy Redwoods   
homepage:    ip:
If you think Tamarind is bad; try durian fruit.
For a hoot look it up in the dictionary.
entry 776 :  27 June 2004 - 19:51:34
   name:  Jack Meoff  posting from:  NEW YORK , NEW YORK   
homepage:  BELLEVUEXX@AOL.COM  ip:
entry 775 :  16 June 2004 - 21:26:14
   name:  Elmar Roelse  posting from:  The Netherlands   
homepage:    ip:
Don't exactly know how I stumbled upon this website. Just would like to point out that I absolutely "enjoyed" reading


It just looks like I reading stuff about myself, ah well... I'm not that good with rants and words.

entry 774 :  22 May 2004 - 04:18:45
   name:  Shanghai  posting from:  china   
homepage:  http://www.shanghai987.com  ip:
Nice and sweet !Well done!
entry 773 :  23 March 2004 - 18:40:29
   name:  jimbo  posting from:  Surrey, BC, Canada   
homepage:  http://aa.1asphost.com/jimbos  ip:

Don't get yourself confused, though it is kinda confusing if you ask me. My name is also jimbo, as it has been for quite a few years now. I see that you have made a very intreresting and popular site, and one that started pretty aerly in internet terms. Me, it wasn't until June 2001 when I started my first site. One thing that distinguishes me is that I use Notapad, meaning plain text, to design my websites. Perhaps someday you should give that a try as well. It is, believe me, much more rewarding than desining with FrontPage. And you're site will be listed Here as well, which is a thing to be proud of. And no, I'm not counting on that link to be displayed; these Guestbook usually have HTML filters, but who knows? There's probably tons of other people with alias as 'jimbo' hanging around the net. Obviously some of them will be confused with each other, so it is ogod to know one another.


entry 772 :  23 March 2004 - 07:16:32
   name:  Clme  posting from:  Burnt Scrotum, New Mexico   
homepage:  www.penismightier.com  ip:
Hi EvErYbOdY! I know a siet I bet you guys wil liek!!! You should like, totally link it and stuff!!! WiLl YoU Be My FrIeNd 4 LiF???????

teh <3 all around!!11!!one

Luv, Suzy!

entry 771 :  12 March 2004 - 10:39:39
   name:  a fan  posting from:  far away unfortunately   
homepage:  hubbahubbahubba  ip:
LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE you boy! Keep up the good work
entry 770 :  03 March 2004 - 07:19:36
   name:  Renee  posting from:     
homepage:    ip:
Please visit the ensuing link - The Bush Administration Exposed:


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